Best Natural Homemade Skin Mask

Good Skin is the king. I am a strong believer that good skin suppresses all other expensive skincare products and gives you the utmost confidence in yourself.

When I was young, I was assigned a certain cleaning task in my home by my mother which took almost 30 minutes of my morning time. To utilize those thirty minutes to the best, I came to know about this incredible skin mask via my grandmother. Therefore, I always used to prepare this mask every morning, then put my earphones on, and do whatever I was given with the satisfaction in my mind that I am doing something good for my skin at least. Sadly, I am not applying it every day at present but only when I have some spare time to lose, a free day, guilt in my mind or love for myself.

 Tell me, what’s best than flaunting your natural skin with confident with the help of good old natural products that can be available in everyone’s kitchen. The mask that I am talking about is the mask tested and tried by me for almost 75% of my life, the mask that I swear by, the mask that gives me the best-desired results, the mask that is favorite to my skin.


Gram Flour:  30 grams/2tbsp

Honey:           15 grams/1tbsp

Curd:               15 grams/1 tbsp

Turmeric:       5 grams/ ½ tbsp

Honey:           20 grams

Lemon:          10 grams

Rose Water:  15 grams/ 1 tbsp

How to Apply: Mix all the above-mentioned ingredients in a bowl using little water to make a smooth mixture. You can use either brush or your fingers to apply the mask throughout your face and neck. Keep it for 15 minutes or till it dry and then wash the component with cold water.

You can apply the same on your hands and legs area too before taking a bath to get a glow in most of your body.

Precautions: Prevent direct sunlight for at least an hour after applying the mask to get the best results. Test on your hands to check if you’re skin is not allergic to any of the component in the mask.

Benefits of each ingredient:

  • Gram flour, rich in fiber helps reduces oily skin, removes tan and removes fine facial hair.
  • Honey helps the skin by moisturizing, hydrating and making it radiant and young-looking.
  • Curd, rich in vitamin D and calcium helps in removing dark spots, also preventing premature wrinkles.
  • Turmeric effectively increases skin antioxidant properties and also treat pimples.
  • Lemon is rich in vitamin C consists of bleaching properties, lightens the skin and also helpful in blackhead treatment.
  • Rosewater cleanses the skin and makes it appear more youthful.

I genuinely wish this mask gives you the same results or better that it has given me and also thanks for trying if you tried.

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