I was always scared, always been scared, to take a chance, to go out of boundaries, to make my own choice, to be a deserving candidate for something good, and that is why I settled for what was there in front of me rather than stepping out in the world and finding what I really wanted to be settled for.

I have always been like this, a frightened human being, someone who is unable to see its own capabilities.

 Someone who thinks everyone is better except herself.

Someone who has learned to not take a stand over a period of time.

Someone who is crushing her dreams one by one. Someone who has forgotten to live.

Someone who thinks about everyone else but herself. Someone who is going into dark slowly and steadily.

Someone who is turned into a magician by hiding her real identity.

It is really strange when being uncomfortable all the time becomes your comfort zone. It is high time for me to get out of my own comfort zone. 

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