Never Judge

Never judge any individual by the way they look, post pictures on social sites or even when someone shows only their strongest self and not the vulnerable side to the world. 

Mark loves music. Marks enjoy singing very much but he is not a good singer and Mark knows that too. Everyone told Mark the same thing all his life and some even tried to shut him down when Mark tried to sing. Mark is hesitant now. Mark does not sing in public anymore as he used to sometimes. Mark does not even sing in fun karaoke events because Mark has developed a consistent fear of judgment for his actions and the worst part is that the fear is not limited to only music, the fear has spread its wings in other parts of Mark’s life too.

We all humans are like Mark in some way.

We all humans are scared.  

We all are scared of thinking about the consequences of others knowing our weaker points.  

We all are scared of the chances of someone leaving us hopelessly if we flaunt our vanity.

We all are scared of pushing our boundaries or getting out of our comfort zones.

If you are tired of the above and want to be saved, try this challenge.

Accept yourself. Accept your goods and accept your bads too. Accept your strong points and accept the weak ones too. Accept yourself as a whole package. Accept yourself with no exchange and no return policy.

Try one time, just one time, showcase your vanity to someone, show them where you lack without being fearful about strange judgments and be ready to experience the unexpected. Be ready to be accepted, my friend, be ready to be accepted for being you. Be ready to be accepted when you have accepted yourself completely.

Repeat the same with others- Accept the imperfections in every human and witness the difference. The world will be a much better place, trust me.

Start someone’s day by complimenting them for their strong points. Start your day by not judging anyone for their weaker points.  

Be the guiding force, be the definition of the word human. “Be the change you want to see in this world”

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