Your home is your Soul

Let’s just live life and think less. Don’t take much stress, you are not going to be alive to see everything.

Remember you are a tourist on this planet always and this is not your home. In fact, we don’t have any home outside but only inside of us.

Make a home inside your soul and keep it clean, tidy and decorate it with all good emotions.

Finding a home outside,

I was tired

Saturation point.

Where am I?

Where do I belong?

Is this my home?

Or should I pack my bags for the next stop?

Finding for the peace

I have travelled the earth

Still I am searching

What I was searching

From the beginning of my search


Please stop

You are a traveller

Your job is to travel

Your name is the pilgrim

Your karma is to explore

From this life to next life

From this thought to next thought

From this word to next word

From this age to next age

From this body to next body

Your body is a cloth

Covering your home

Dig a little deep

Dig a little into yourself


Yeah, maybe

You will find everything

Everything you were searching for

Without stepping up your feet

At the same place

In every age

In your only home

In your only soul

Dig a little more.

Dig a little deep.

Dig till you reach

Dig for your home

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