A visitor called Love

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Love, from a distant land

Came to visit for the first time?

Hesitant, shall I or shall I not

Open the door or let Love wait

Umm, come inside but listen careful

I really carry nothing much to offer

Tell me everything, Love so excited!

One by one, I will sit right beside

From your shallow to your deep

Take me with you to your every dream

Show me your highs and your lows

Your spring days and your summer storms

I will count all your swings

And you will fly without wings

You’re weird love!

But it’s really not that bad to share

To live in a world without any care

I am now home to butterflies

I Scents like a forest flower 

Love, so strong

No regrets, no secrets to hold

Once tenant, now a permanent member,

Love truly did make some wonder

One night, it was heavy rain

Love lied; it will come a little late

Days become short; nights become long

But Love did not come for long

Locked my doors,

Sealed my home

For the mess Love made

For the dust Love caused.

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Love from a near land

Came to visit for the second time?

And I am sitting  inside all alone

Looking at my cleaned house

Worrying about the dirt in my house

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